Events Events Retrospective @ Table Mountain 11 - 25th May, 2017 Table Mountain Restaurant Los Ventorros Comares Málaga 203946317 2007 Art stall at Trapiche Market with Jenny Wray and Dee Griffiths 153519059 May 2010 1 Day Coloured Pencil workshop at my place, with the attendance of three participants 200831777 June 2011 Live model sketching, with two members of Axarquia Art, at my place 200817899 Summer 2011 Stall at Paseo Arte, Torre del Mar, with Axarquia Art 153519072 Winter 2011 1 Day Coloured Pencils workshop, supported by Axarquia Art, Riogordo, with the attendance of eight participants 153596756 March 2012 Charity Boot Fair at Bar Ortega, Las Cuevas, for Axarquia Animal Rescue 200817900 May 2012 Comares Medieval Art and Craft fair, with Mary Boyd-Cox 200817897 June 2012 Charity Boot Fair at hotel Cazadores de la Luna, Colmenar, for Axarquia Animal Rescue 200817896 June 2012 Fundraising party in the beach at La Herradura, Nerja, for Paws for Thought 200817901 October 2012 Charity Country Fair in Riogordo for Axarquia Animal Rescue. Showing also art by Mary Boyd-Cox (on my left). 200817895 October 2013 Palacio de Congresos competition organised by a local business. First prize for my picture, Paisanita! 200817894 December 2013 Charity Boot Fair at Camping Bar Restaurant, Comares, for Axarquia Animal Rescue 200817898 April 2014 3 Day Mixed Media workshop at Villa Romo, holiday home, with the attendance of four participants 200807972